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Atitlan launches its 100 million vehicle with the purchase

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Atitlan launches its 100 million vehicle with the purchase

Сообщение niloyhossain878 » 20 фев 2024, 06:33

The Atitlan investment group has launched its investment platform in the logistics sector with the purchase of two assets , a property in the Ribarroja industrial estate owned by the Eurolog Canola Socimi, managed by the Patrizia investment fund, and a land located in the Picassent industrial estate, both in the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia . The company's first vehicle, in alliance with Improving Logistics, plans to invest close to 100 million euros , especially in the Valencian Community.

The debut of this alliance begins with the acquisition of two assets. The first is a 14,000 m2 warehouse (with a 23,000 m2 plot) in the Ribarroja industrial estate, while the second is a 30,000 m2 plot of land in the Picassent industrial estate, where a warehouse is planned to be built in the coming months. .

Atitlan is a strategic partner of Improving Chinese Student Phone Number List Logistics , the main logistics operator in the Valencian Community, after having a 50% stake in the company founded by David García.


The objective of the investment vehicle, articulated by the subsidiary Atitlan Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, is to develop and promote projects from scratch and then be operated mostly by Improving Logistics.

For the CEO of Atitlan Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, Agustín Pérez, "there is still an important opportunity for the creation of value within the real estate logistics sector in the Valencian Community, and also at the national level. With this 'joint venture', we hope to help consolidate the Improving's growth and modernize its logistics infrastructure.

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