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SEO guide for marketplaces, what should you take into accoun

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SEO guide for marketplaces, what should you take into accoun

Сообщение valobasha99 » 02 дек 2023, 05:38

Internal links: Although this may seem obvious, many people do not take it into account. On the main page of the store - the best positioned one - you should link to some product pages and categories . Likewise, the categories must link to all products.

Take advantage of your own social networks: It is almost certain that users will not share the product page, but the company itself can generate links that direct to the product pages and share them on social networks. Likewise, sellers and collaborators can share these links on their respective profiles.

Create attractive content around the products: An article can be very insipid and bland in itself and provide little opportunity to generate Special Data content, but that does not prevent us from creating content around it, such as video tutorials, downloadable manuals, or anything that may be of interest to those who have already purchased or are going to purchase the product.

Reduce the number of clicks: It is essential that any product is less than three clicks or three links away from the main page and, if we can locate it just one click away, so much the better.

Avoid duplicate content: Having duplicate descriptions on similar products is a serious and common mistake. For convenience, we usually resort to “copy-paste”, but we do not realize that search engines and, especially Google, not only do not see it very well but it is penalized.


Of course, if in addition to the store in the marketplace, the company has its own ecommerce , and a website with product descriptions, these descriptions should always differ from one site to another and for each product, since search engines would surely consider them as content. duplicated with the consequent penalty.

Title and meta description: We must always use clear and informative titles that summarize the topic the page is about in 5 words. Of course, you must also take care of the meta descriptions, which can include keywords optimized for the product.

Expand information with microformats: Thanks to microformats, the aspect of the search result is enriched , providing additional information to users in an orderly and structured way, something that a search engine like Google values ​​very positively.

Friendly URLs: It is advisable that the url of the product page contains the name of the product, since this way the url itself will be providing information about it to all search engines, helping to facilitate its positioning.

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