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SBOC Census reveals in-depth details about Brazilian oncolog

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SBOC Census reveals in-depth details about Brazilian oncolog

Сообщение IEB Pharma » 20 фев 2024, 16:40

The Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology (SBOC), in collaboration with the Datafolha Institute, recently conducted the innovative SBOC Clinical Oncology Census. During the months of May to July 2023, 761 clinical oncologists linked to SBOC, distributed in more than 200 municipalities, were thoroughly interviewed using an online approach, providing a comprehensive view of the reality of oncology in Brazil.

Main census results

Profile of Oncologists: Gender, Age Group, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation

The research made it possible to draw up a detailed profile Osimert 80mg (Osimertinib) of oncologists, covering information such as gender, age group, ethnicity, sexual orientation, academic training, qualifications, profile of patients treated and participation in clinical, epidemiological or translational research. The results showed that the specialty achieved gender parity, with women representing 50% of its professionals; but there is still inequality in

color, with 81% white, 16% brown, 2% yellow and 1% black. The majority (65%) are satisfied with the specialty.

Other data show that there is an age difference between male and female clinical oncologists: 55% of them are under 39 years old, while 34% of them have an average age of 46 years old. Regarding sexual orientation, 94% declare themselves heterosexual, 4% gay, 1% lesbian, and another 1% bisexual.


Challenges and professional satisfaction

The results revealed the main challenges faced by oncologists in Brazil, from the population's adherence to prevention and treatment programs to the scenario of late diagnoses, access to new medicines, financing and management of health systems. Furthermore, levels of professional satisfaction were assessed, identifying stress as a relevant issue, especially among women.

Geographic distribution and work environment

The majority of professionals live in capitals and metropolitan regions (70%), while 29% work in the interior. Regarding the work environment, 38% of oncologists are in the private sector, 32% in the public network, with the majority working predominantly in the private network.

Common inequalities and challenges

The survey highlighted inequalities in the experience of oncologists, highlighting challenges such as difficulties in accessing new medicines (54%) and high treatment costs (46%). In the public network, 65% reported a lack of unrestricted access to radiotherapy technology, while 57% mentioned difficulty accessing oncological surgery.

Mental health and international comparison

The mental health of Brazilian clinical oncologists, although it requires further study, presents concerns, in line with international research. In the United States, for example, 42% of oncologists reported suffering from burnout syndrome in 2019, indicating the need for attention to psychological aspects in the profession.

This SBOC Census emerges as a valuable tool for understanding the reality and challenges of clinical oncology in Brazil, contributing to improving health policies and supporting the quality of life of the professionals involved. The full report can be seen here.

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